Campion House

Campion House 

A prayer of St Edmund Campion 

I have made a free offering of myself to your Divine Majesty, both of life and of death, and I hope that you will give me grace and force to perform. This is all I desire. Amen. 

At St Columba’s, we have our own very own House system, where you will compete for points every day as part of our whole school competition. When you join St Columba’s, you will be put in one of six different houses, where you will wear your coloured house tie with pride. Regular interhouse competitions and Sports Day will also give you the opportunity to compete for house points. Our houses are named after famous Saints (Becket, Campion, Fisher, Loyola, More, Xavier).

House points are awarded for many aspects of school life, for example:

  • Attendance
  • Punctuality
  • Personal Conduct
  • Attitude to Learning
  • Homework
  • Contribution to the Community